Alžběta (Betka) Tichá

I have started as a contemporary dancer and a juggler. I studied at dance conservatory Duncen Centre in Prague. I was part of two performing groups in the Czech Republic: „Mix Trix“ juggling company and vehicle company “ Žebřiňák”. In 2015-2016 I participated in performance “Hansel und Gretel” in Czech state opera directed by Matěj Forman. I am co-founder of „Feel the Universe Circus Company” based in Prague. By now I studie at circus university Codarts in Netherlands. My main circus specialization is vertical rope which I combine with dance and physical theater.

Jan Jirák

My career has started with Break Dance when I was thirteen years old. I was very fascinated with the combination of acrobatic tricks and dance. Later on I had a need to express my artistic perspective so I joined theater course in Prague where I used my dance skills as a tool to create meaningful concepts. This experience led me to Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague where I studied Physical Theater and Mime. While my artistic studies I got passionate about Hand and Head Balancing and my interest directed into exploration of body possibilities. In 2015 I got into three years bachelor level education at Danish Academy Of Modern Circus in Copenhagen where I specialized in Hand Balancing and Washington Trapeze.


Cast of projects:

Marica Marinoni

I’m marica, i’m 21 years old and ‚m from italy. I started to study in a peparatory school 3 years ago after a big family argument; my parents want me to go to the university and I, I wanted to be an artist. So when i get accepted in the school I was so excited and i started to discover my „artistic way“ into the circus world litteraly falling in love with it and with my discipline, the Cyr wheel. Step by step I start to understand the circus’s mechanism and after two years of hard training in Turin I had been accepted in a superior school in France, the CNAC the “ centre national design arts Du cirque“. That’s was absolutely incredible for me and since that moment my life changed really drastically, now it’s one year that I live in French, speak french and eat French…wich is not so different from Italian but enough to to feel homesick sometimes. Obviously sometime it’s very hard and I wonder to had chosen a „normal“ job but is also the same reason that keep me Imore and more motivate to continue seeing this as the first step of a long road that I hope will never finish.Sebastian Krefeld


Sebastian Krefeld



Eva Stará



Karolína Křížková



Tomáš Jirák



Jakub Koláček

At the moment I study 6th year of Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague. I played in a symphonic orchestra, afro peruan percussive band, big bands and many other, but creating music for circus is new for me in many ways.


Tina Afyian Breiová – Direction of project KolaboRace