Limitless Movement Flow

Handstand, Flexibility & Aerial Rope Workshop


We would like to move in all directions, have balanced body and use the whole world as a playground or an artistic stage.

Injury prevention & logic in all exercises.

Available for professional dancers, acrobats but also people who just like to move and want to get deeper and more complex in their practice.

Push – Jan Jirak
Creativity doesn’t have any borders. Observing world from a different perspective and new ideas are coming. Such an effect can be caused by Handstand and Flexibility training.

Jan Jirak studied two years Physical Theatre at Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague where he is currently a teacher of movement. After These two years he got accepted to the danish Academy Of Modern Circus. He graduated from a three years bachelor level education specialised in Handstand. Today he is focused on a research of expressive movement flow based on Contemporary Circus, Yoga, Chiropraxis, Break Dance and Modern Mime.

What does the word Flow really means to him. Why do we say: Do it with heart?. And how can our mind influence the body work? The workshop is based on flexibility of the body and mind, inversions- handstands, isolation/integration and floor acrobatics. All these disciplines are connected to the movement flow improvisation in the end of the seminar.

Pull – Betka Ticha
Going against the gravity with feeling of flying. Or using the gravity/momentum to find complete weightlessness.
Aerial acrobatics on vertical rope requires strong physical ability, but also precise muscle activity and use of momentum. The secret of a vertical rope acrobatics as the most minimalistic aerial discipline is in special knots and body coordination with the apparatus.

After graduating from dance conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague Betka decided to study Contemporary Circus. Through object manipulation, physical theatre and dance she tends to aerial acrobatics. The beginning of aerial training belongs to Cirqueon where she also worked as a circus coach later on. Nowadays she is in her fourth and also the last year of Codarts University Of Circus Arts in Netherlands. Betka combines aerial acrobatics with movement flow, physical theatre and dance acrobatics.

Where and how to activate the “right” muscles in hanging and pulling?. How to use the gravity to perform aerial acrobatics effortlessly?. How to perceive our body in relation with an object?.
The aim of this seminar is to activate and warm up the body, understanding of hanging, pulling and coordination of body in the air. There is aerial movement improvisation in the end as well.

The aim of the whole seminar:
Finding a way towards effortless & limitless movement flow.